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Put more years in your life and life in your years!

50Forward is dedicated to helping you live your life to your fullest potential as you age. Taking care of your health, wellness, physical fitness and overall life performance including your mental, emotional and spiritual health.
50Forward promote this through its 3 CORE PRINCIPLES


At 50Forward we seek to enhance your lifestyle to provide energy, inspiration and excitement to all your days. We employ strategies that help you design a life that provides adventure and fun as you age.


As we age we still have active and busy lives. At 50Forward we offer insights, knowledge and skills to ensure that you always maximise your performance and achieve great outcomes in all the activities you undertake.


Hippocrates said over two millennia ago that “health is our greatest wealth”. At 50Forward we teach a truly holistic approach to health and wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit.

The training and life adventures includes 3 components an online training course, life adventure trips and vacations and retreats.

All are specifically tailored for those close to reaching the age of 50 or above 50. 50Forwards is about looking at your goals and aspirations as you reach this age and beyond.

The training is conducted by Greg Muller and invited guests, specialists to deliver the highest quality training and learning experience possible. Greg has worked and trained in the field of high performance and holistic health for over 30 years all of which skills are directly related to living life to your fullest potential. As a person in his early 50’s himself Greg knows full well the importance of keeping great health, performing at high levels as we age and looking after our wellbeing in all aspects of our lives.

So he invites you to take a journey with him that stacked full of great information, learning and fun along the way.

Online training course!

The 50Forwards Online training course is a Six Module training syllabus all designed to enhance your life as you age.

The Modules include the following learning opportunities:

The North Star

Learn to create a life that embraces your true nature, desires and calling as you age. Gain clarity and prioritise the things that you value – by visiting the land of the heart which will teach you skills of goal achievement and being clear on your personal vision and purpose. The North Star lesson points you towards things that bring you true joy and inner contentment while enabling you to embrace all the rich opportunities life can bring you.

Bio Hacking Ageing

Learn the secrets and essential elements that you can apply as you age. The research into epigenetics, health and wellness has offered insights and teachings that will not only lengthen your time on this planet but also enhance the time you have hereby giving you abundant energy and enthusiasm. Here you will learn about the right fuel (food and drink) for your body, The importance of sleep and much more.

Brain Gym

Here you will discover the importance of continuing to learn and challenge yourself as you age. Learn neuroscience about how brain mobility enhances your brain development, maintains your creativity and quality of your life. Learn how the challenge and excitement to try new things and learn and grow enhances the neuroplasticity of our brain – keeping you sharp, active and young.

The Art of Happiness

Learn how the key principles and science of happiness. How to create magical moments, enhance your friendships and relationships as you adventure through life. Maintaining your emotional and mental health through extraordinary living opportunities and activities that see you embracing all aspects of life. Learning to love and cherish being in the moment. Why having fun and meet new and exciting people will keep you fresh and feeling alive.

Mindfulness and Inner Peace

Learn the age-old practices of mindfulness and meditation to create inner peace harmony and flow in your life. Learn about stress, anxiety and overwhelm and how you can empower your life to maintain harmony, calm and balance. Also learn the principles of breath and how they enhance your capacity for greater clarity, health and wellbeing.

Movement, Mobility and Exercise

Staying fit and mobile as we age is a fundamental requirement if you want to live a life of fun and adventure that allows you to explore and do the things you love to do. The ageing process is a natural phenomenon but through the regular application of Mobility. Good movement and exercise you can maintain your strength and fitness to allow you to continue enjoying sport and fitness challenges you Love to participate in. In this module, you will learn about the different types of exercise to keep you fit and healthy, the types of movements that are essential as you age and Mobility exercises that should be done daily to keep you muscles and joints Supple and healthy.

Retreats - 50Forward

Will conduct retreats at various times of the year to allow for the opportunity to escape from the normal routine of life and dive deeper Into many of the lessons both classroom and practical that will enhance your life in many ways as you age.
Retreats are packed full of learning, practical activities and fun while they are also an opportunity to relax, unwind and meet many like-minded people. For more information on upcoming retreats click here – link to retreat.

Life Adventures

From time to time 50Forward will be conducting Life Adventures Which will include opportunities to travel and participate in activities in beautiful locations around the world. These adventures will be an opportunity to learn, grow and step into the unknown as the experience creates its own magic and sense of awe, excitement and thrill of being alive. For more information on Life Adventures please click here – link to life adventures.

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