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Vince Lombardi was one o the most revered coaches to ever take part in the NFL. So much so that the Super Bowl Trophy was named after him – the “Lombardi Trophy”. His coaching philosophy led him to become one of the most successful sports coaches of his time. Even in little old NZ, we all knew the name of Vince Lombardi for the feats and accomplishments he was attaining. One of his mantras was “ASK YOURSELF THE TOUGH QUESTIONS”.

This piece of advice is as true today as it was the first time it passed through his lips. This includes

  1. Self Knowledge – or “Know Thyself” you can only improve those things you are aware of.

  2. Learn from Failure – failure can bring some of the toughest questions of all. If you answer them fully and honestly you will learn many valuable insights.

  3. Don’t Run for the Sake of Running – make sure you are heading somewhere beneficial/purposeful.

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