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To operate at the highest level requires living above the line. For high performers, the blame game and victim mentality have no place. Its too easy to look for excuses rather than taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts and behaviours.

Living Above the Line Requires:

  1. SEE IT – Recognise that an issue exists. See something then do something – have the moral courage to address the issue at hand. Remember that which you walk past you accept.

  2. OWN IT – Take FULL ownership of the issue. This is the only way to truly learn.

  3. SOLVE IT – Be open to all opportunities and options to learn. Be solution-focused – not problem-focused.

  4. DO IT – Take positive and affirmative action to live the new behaviours into life.

Living above the line is challenging because its easier to “blame”. The world-class however will not fall into that trap as that’s ignoring ground truths that will only come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Live above the line and you will lead your pack well.

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