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Confucius was a practical philosopher from the East who lived during the period of 551-479 BC. Loosely translated Confucius means “Master of Masters”. In his work he left us many key principles of leadership, below are a few worth implementing in your daily work:

  1. Central to the role is that all functions performed by an action-oriented leader relate either directly or indirectly to achieving the task, both at the stages of planning and execution.

  2. Achieving the task calls for decision-making. Give careful thought when making decisions, but don’t waste time thinking too much.

  3. Always remain flexible and be willing to adjust your plan as you implement it. “One thing is for sure”, said President FD. Roosevelt. “We have to do something. We have to do the best we know how at that moment. If it doesn’t turn outright, we can modify it as we go along”.

  4. Central to the role of a leader is the expectation that he will enable others to achieve the task. Leaders who fail to deliver success in this area of responsibility will seldom survive for long.


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