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CULTURE – The Glue Behind It All

Culture: culture is king, it’s the umbilical cord that binds everything you do (and plan to do) together (or not – as the case maybe). Culture is a product of what the team (as a collective) and you (as an individual) are, or are in the process of becoming. It is what you breathe into life every day through your thoughts, words and more specifically deeds. Getting this right is essential as it forms the backbone of excellence. Culture requires ongoing attention and an ability for leaders to constantly display the intestinal fortitude to make the hard calls when complacency, familiarity or mediocrity has set in – “cometh the role cometh the responsibility”. Leading requires decisions being made from both the heart and the head. Getting this mixture right can only be developed through the hard earned lessons of experience. Never forget each decision made effects the culture you ultimately own. Its starts with a vision, as your vision will drive your culture and your culture will ultimately drive your performance.

“What this really means” – a good team with a poor culture is far more beatable than an average team with excellent culture. The sum of the whole is far greater than the individual components – culture is the glue.

Recommendation: Invest heavily in ongoing activities to develop a strong and healthy culture. This investment starts with getting good people and developing them throughout their tenure to become even better. As they mature they will raise the standards in all aspects of their personal and the organisations welfare.

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